Sep. 18th, 2016

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Dear Author,

Thank you so much for signing up! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so feel free to include any and all references to Halloween. I'd love to see characters at costume parties, trick or treating with kids or as kids themselves, or getting involved in something spooky like checking out a graveyard or meeting a ghost. I love fiction and fanart, and I'm fine with a trick or a treat for all of my requested fandoms. I've listed some general things I like and dislike below, if that helps :)

General Tropes I like:
Domestic fic, snowed in, ghosts, zombies, angst/darker characters, smart character discussions and/or plotting and planning, groundhog day, doppelgangers, Road trips, witches/spells/supernatural things made them do it, snark/banter, beaches/bonfires, body swap, crazy vacations, future or post-canon fic, getting together fic, going to sporting events (especially baseball games), characters that are in different positions of power/authority, banter, slow build, enemies to lovers (or antagonistic love/hate), happy endings or ambiguous endings, uniform kink, sharing clothes, suit kink, people building things/wearing toolbelts, secret tattoos, secret relationships, friend/group activities

Crossover Universes I like:
I like crossovers with these universes regardless of whether characters from these universes actually appear in the fic.
•Marvel Cinematic Universe
•Harry Potter
•Pacific Rim

Alternate Universes I like:
•In Space!!
•Pro sports player AU (esp. MLB, NBA/WNBA)
•Apocolypse AUs/Dystopia AUs (esp. with a "save the world" type vibe or with monsters like aliens/zombies)
•WWII or Post-WWII AU (even if the characters don't get deployed/aren't in the military. Home front or 1940s time period fics are just as great)
•Monarchy/Royalty AU esp. in Tudor England
•Lawyer/Law Student AU
•Assassin AU
•Secret or Undercover Agent AU
•College AU
•Blue-Collar-worker-w/-a-destiny AU (I swear this is a thing. Like someone working as a coal miner or a construction worker and then they have to save the world).

Do Not Wants:
-Characters who are weepy or over-the-top fluffy
-Rape/Noncon [dubcon is fine]
-sexual assault
-eating disorders
-first/second person POV
-amputation/disability not in canon
-Coffee Shop AU or Library AU
-Drug addiction not in canon
-The word "member" for a dick

Porn-related Likes under here )


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