Apr. 27th, 2017

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Dear Prime Time Player,

Thank you for playing! I would appreciate any rating. My fandom-specific likes are on AO3, but please see the below for some general ideas in case any of these strike your fancy! I've also listed Porn likes at the end, in case you want to go the smut route. Also, I'll be traveling when the collection goes live and I may not have access to internet until afterwards. But I promise I will leave love ASAP, because I'm seriously going to be SO excited to read what you write!

General Tropes I like:
Characters in suits, characters that clean up well, Domestic fic with the characters at home (AKA Slice of Life), snowed in, ghosts, zombies, angst/darker characters, smart character discussions and/or plotting and planning, groundhog day, doppelgangers, Road trips, witches/spells/supernatural things made them do it, snark/banter, competence kink, beaches/bonfires, body swap, crazy vacations, future or post-canon fic, getting together fic, going to sporting events (especially baseball games), characters that are in different positions of power/authority, banter, slow build, enemies to lovers (or antagonistic love/hate), happy endings or ambiguous endings, uniform kink, sharing clothes, suit kink, people building things/wearing toolbelts, secret tattoos, secret relationships, friend/group activities

Crossover Universes I like: Under the Cut )


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