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I love this exchange! I put specifics on A03, but my favorite AUs and my DNWs are below.

Alternate Universes I like:
•In Space!!
•Pro sports player AU (esp. MLB, NBA/WNBA)
•Apocolypse AUs/Dystopia AUs (esp. with a "save the world" type vibe or with monsters like aliens/zombies)
•WWII or Post-WWII AU (even if the characters don't get deployed/aren't in the military. Home front or 1940s time period fics are just as great)
•Monarchy/Royalty AU esp. in Tudor England
•Lawyer/Law Student AU
•Assassin AU
•Secret or Undercover Agent AU

Do Not Wants:
-Characters who are weepy or over-the-top fluffy
-Rape/Noncon [dubcon is fine]
-sexual assault
-eating disorders
-first/second person POV
-amputation/disability not in canon
-Coffee Shop AU or Library AU
-Drug/Alcohol addiction not in canon
-The word "member" for a dick
-Overly sensitive characters who cum extremely quickly

Other Porn Related Likes:
dirty talk, First time or established relationship, toys, rimming, cunnilingus, blow jobs, pegging, double penetration, anal, power play, bondage, snow balling, sex pollen, body swap, seeking sex advice/help, fights resolved by sex, dubious consent, consensual somnophilia, weapons play, Dom/Sub play, Car sex, Topping from the bottom, tool belt kink, uniform kink, suit kink, characters that clean up well, domesticity, character development through sex, improving their sex lives through practice, any kind of oral fixation, praise kink, being taught anal, being taught about oral, slow blow jobs, pussy worship, boob worship.


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