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If anyone else watched Season One of Pitch on Fox, let's chat!

There are moments when this show gets a little over the top, but boy do I love Ginny. She really truly is a female front-runner, and she's not the only multi-dimensional woman on the show. She represents hope and grit and how hard work can pay off to me, someone who used to play softball but always wanted to play with the boys. Sidenote, this much Padres pride is kinda crazy. I do wonder how much the Padres had to do with making the show.

My Ginny OTP is with Cara. One wild night and there were more fireworks than Ginny has with anyone else! Ginny really could open up and feel vulnerable, yet Cara did absolutely nothing to take advantage of Ginny's fame or Ginny's $. Gah. I'm going to troll this A03 tag so hard.

Also, I did like Noah. He's persistent and cute. At the beginning I got the creep vibe, but I enjoy getting to know his character and I hope he's back - maybe he can just tone down his over the top courting and he'll be worth another date.

My favorite side story was Evelyn and Blip and their whole relationship. I really enjoy when shows tackle established relationships and still make them feel vibrant and fun. Blip is famous and the "bread winner", and yet Evelyn is a strong-willed and fun woman all on her own. I really want her to go for it with her business!

Close second for favorite side story is Will. He feels so real to me. He put everything he had into helping Ginny, and then it was like he was lost at sea. He uses his sister, and still lives under the shadow of their father, and I'm rooting for him but his demise is absolutely fascinating too.

Let's talk about Lawson. He's a bit of a stereotype, but Ginny definitely could use a mentor. I think the show would be remiss if it didn't tackle some sort of sexual tension in the locker room with Ginny and the others, BUT I did not see the whole bar date coming. I thought Lawson was pretty solid in his dad role. Also, I felt like they really played it up that he was in love with his ex-wife.

I'm still not sold on Amelia. I don't really understand her motivations, but I do think her job requires her to be a little ruthless. I love that the show at least wrote in a female agent for Ginny. Also, I totally shipped Amelia/Lawson and all the snark when that was a thing.

Man, what a cliffhanger ending! I really hope they renew.

P.S. The Pitch Street Team on Tumblr has a #RenewPitch campaign going on HERE.
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