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Jun. 11th, 2017 02:46 pm
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Here are my reccs from [community profile] smutswap! There were some great new kinks to explore this year. Under a cut because the descriptions are NSFW.

Have Some Love, Lando/Han of the Star Wars OT. This story! Exactly the type of dirty talk I love, with some rivals turned lovers and a downright wicked top!Lando. Gah.

Hold Your Devil By the Throat, Brock Rumlow/Steve Rogers. Please mind the tags on this one. This fic really takes the whole "snowed in" trope to the next level. I feel like these two stay in character as they use sex to make assertions of dominance and almost confront their own darkness. I don't usually read this ship, but this fic hit all my kinks.

Come On and Get Your Kicks, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark. Cross dressing is not my kink, but I loved the attention to detail in this. I thought this was a great example of kink exploration/discovery, and by the end I was super turned on b/c of how great Tony was throughout.

And my fic:
Ladies First, Dean Winchester/Wynonna Earp. Dean rolls into town and manages to hit all of Wynonna's buttons. Dean knows his way around in the bedroom, but Wynonna isn't above a little teasing.


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