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Jun. 11th, 2017 02:46 pm
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Here are my reccs from [community profile] smutswap! There were some great new kinks to explore this year. Under a cut because the descriptions are NSFW.Fic Reccs )

And my fic:
Ladies First, Dean Winchester/Wynonna Earp. Dean rolls into town and manages to hit all of Wynonna's buttons. Dean knows his way around in the bedroom, but Wynonna isn't above a little teasing.
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I'm clearly procrastinating, BUT there were some fantastic fics posted that I think deserve more love ♥ Most are NSFW.

*Shake It Off (explicit) by gloss
Lando Calrissian/Han Solo
The banter is just excellent in this. I'm a sucker for snarky love and encounters outside strip clubs. Plus, there's some great character exploration.

*Two Hundred Degrees (Gen)
Han Solo/Leia Organa
This is an adventure that takes place while Leia and Han are married. It's a ton of fun and definitely matches my head canon, featuring pushy!Leia and Snarky!Han.

*Asset Retrieval and Debriefing (Explicit) by gloss
Leia Organa/Han Solo/Poe Dameron
This fic is so sexy and hits a bunch of my kinks. Love how in-charge Leia is here, and how Poe is just excellent at hero-worship. Nearly-overwhelmed Han is very precious, too.

*That Infamous Week (Explicit) by AngeNoir
Poe Dameron/Tentacle Alien
SO I'm not always into tentacle porn, but when I am - it goes something like this. There's some dubcon going on, jsyk.

*A Change in Expectations (Teen)
Original M/M Fiction between a Commoner and a Prince
The premise itself hooked me, but the story is so fun and romantic! The characters really come to life and I adore the royal family in this.

*I'm the One You Chose (Running to the Future) (Gen)
Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers
This is a delightful look at Steve's thought process after meeting Sam. He's a bit nervous and very introspective, but that doesn't stop him from making a move. This goes so well with my head canon of Steve.

*Just Shut Up Already (Explicit) by csi_chick2
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Okay flist, don't shoot me but I do read Stony, and this one is particularly well done. Dom!Steve and Sub!Tony are so sexy in this. Also, lab!sex and nearly getting caught FTW.


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