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Thank you so much, author! Feel free to write whatever rating you would like. Gen where there is some character study/introspection is great. Explicit fic is also great :) I've listed general things I like and things I don't like. My character specific things should show up on A03.

General Tropes I like:
Domestic fic, snowed in, ghosts, zombies, angst/darker characters, smart character discussions and/or plotting and planning, groundhog day, doppelgangers, Road trips, witches/spells/supernatural things made them do it, snark/banter, beaches/bonfires, body swap, crazy vacations, future or post-canon fic, pre-canon fic, getting together fic, going to sporting events (especially baseball games), characters that are in different positions of power/authority, slow build, enemies to lovers (or antagonistic love/hate), happy endings or ambiguous endings, uniform kink, sharing clothes, suit kink, people building things/wearing toolbelts

Crossover Universes I like:
I like crossovers with these universes regardless of whether characters from these universes actually appear in the fic.
•Marvel Cinematic Universe
•Harry Potter
•Pacific Rim
•The West Wing

Alternate Universes I like:
•In Space!!
•Pro sports player AU (esp. MLB, NBA, or NHL)
•Apocolypse AUs/Dystopia AUs (esp. with a "save the world" type vibe or with monsters like aliens/zombies)
•WWII or Post-WWII AU (even if the characters don't get deployed/aren't in the military. Home front or 1940s time period fics are just as great)
•Monarchy/Royalty AU esp. in Tudor England
•Lawyer/Law Student AU
•Assassin AU
•Secret or Undercover Agent AU
•College AU
•Blue-Collar-worker-w/-a-destiny AU (I swear this is a thing. Like someone working as a coal miner or a construction worker and then they have to save the world).

Porn-related Likes:
dirty talk, First time or established relationship, toys, rimming, cunnilingus, blow jobs, pegging, double penetration, anal, power play, bondage, snow balling, sex pollen, body swap, seeking sex advice/help, fights resolved by sex, dubious consent, consensual somnophilia, weapons play

Do Not Wants:
-Characters who are weepy or over-the-top fluffy
-Rape/Noncon [dubcon is fine]
-sexual assault
-eating disorders
-first/second person POV
-amputation/disability not in canon
-Coffee Shop AU
-Library AU
-Drug addiction not in canon
-The word "member" for a dick
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