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Dear Prime Time Player,

Thank you for playing! I would appreciate any rating. My fandom-specific likes are on AO3, but please see the below for some general ideas in case any of these strike your fancy! I've also listed Porn likes at the end, in case you want to go the smut route. Also, I'll be traveling when the collection goes live and I may not have access to internet until afterwards. But I promise I will leave love ASAP, because I'm seriously going to be SO excited to read what you write!

General Tropes I like:
Characters in suits, characters that clean up well, Domestic fic with the characters at home (AKA Slice of Life), snowed in, ghosts, zombies, angst/darker characters, smart character discussions and/or plotting and planning, groundhog day, doppelgangers, Road trips, witches/spells/supernatural things made them do it, snark/banter, competence kink, beaches/bonfires, body swap, crazy vacations, future or post-canon fic, getting together fic, going to sporting events (especially baseball games), characters that are in different positions of power/authority, banter, slow build, enemies to lovers (or antagonistic love/hate), happy endings or ambiguous endings, uniform kink, sharing clothes, suit kink, people building things/wearing toolbelts, secret tattoos, secret relationships, friend/group activities

Crossover Universes I like:
I like crossovers with these universes regardless of whether characters from these universes actually appear in the fic.

•Marvel Cinematic Universe - Do the characters think the Avengers are heroes, or overrated? Have they ever had to ask the Avengers for help? Have they ever had to clean up a mess an Avenger left in their city?

•Harry Potter - What houses would the characters be sorted into? How would they leave their mark at Hogwarts?

•Supernatural - If any of the characters have a ghost problem, maybe they know who to call. Or maybe the Winchesters just show up.

•Pacific Rim - Which characters would mind meld? Would they be able to work out their differences to successfully pilot a Yeager?

Alternate Universes I like:
•In Space!! I esp. adore when there is a great team living on a ship in some remote location or trying to take down a conspiracy, or maybe the characters are Space marines handling a situation on a ship or planet, or maybe the characters are just observers, trying to get to know an alien species.

•Major League Baseball AU. Feel free to include women, like in Pitch. Or put women in positions of power, like Managers, Agents, etc. I'm an Athletics fan, but feel free to use another team or make up your own.

•Apocolypse AUs/Dystopia AUs esp. with a "save the world" type vibe or with monsters like aliens/zombies, or characters just confronting what it means to be some of the last on Earth. Searching for resources or going on a long road trip are fun reads.

•WWII or Post-WWII AU even if the characters don't get deployed/aren't in the military. Home front or 1940s time period fics are just as great. How are the characters dealing with the war? How are they contributing?

•Assassin AU/Secret Agent AU esp. where a character is learning to be an assassin or agent, or where they have a target that just doesn't seem right and they have to make their own moral decision.

Do Not Wants:
-Characters who are weepy or over-the-top fluffy
-A ton of fluff with no lead-up to the happiness
-Rape/Noncon [dubcon is fine]
-sexual assault
-eating disorders
-first/second person POV
-amputation/disability not in canon
-Coffee Shop AU or Library AU
-Drug/Alcohol addiction not in canon
-The word "member" for a dick

Porn-Related Likes:
dirty talk, First time or established relationship, toys, rimming, cunnilingus, blow jobs, pegging, double penetration, anal, power play, bondage, snow balling, sex pollen, body swap, tentacles, seeking sex advice/help, fights resolved by sex, dubious consent, consensual somnophilia, weapons play, Dom/Sub play, Car sex, Topping from the bottom, tool belt kink, uniform kink, suit kink, characters that clean up well, domesticity, character development through sex, improving their sex lives through practice, any kind of oral fixation, praise kink, being taught anal, being taught about oral, slow blow jobs, pussy worship, boob worship, sex pollen, fuck or die, sex curses.


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