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It feels so good to be home! I feel like I've been gone an eternity. Training was tougher than expected - physically and emotionally. I'll try to catch up on entries today.

WONDER WOMAN was so good. Easily my favorite film of the year. The first battle scene, with all the women jumping down from the rocks and shooting on horseback was so intense. I don't think I've ever seen a fight scene with all women like that before. The whole movie could have easily been about the tribe and I would have been satisfied. Just the fact that there were only women on the island was empowering, but then Diana turned out to be the moral compass the humans needed (but didn't deserve). At first her personality was a little stereotypical - with the whole "wide-eyed outsider" thing, but then she really got down to business in no man's land. Wasn't that brilliant?

I also expected more male bashing (which says something about me), but I had to readjust my attitude by the end. Steve got to be a hero in his own right and Diana took nothing away from him or his team. She was like the rogue, getting shit done, and they all respected her but kept using their own strengths alongside her as best they could. The teamwork was very inspiring, even though I was shocked when Steve sacrificed himself.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was fun. I felt that this film was a creative take on the spiderman story. I really appreciated how Peter was allowed to make a ton of mistakes. Spiderman definitely showed his age. Plus, they did some super cool web-shooting scenes/stunts. This movie was SO long, though. I think a lot of the meandering/comic relief scenes were unnecessary. The side-story with Liz being the daughter of his nemesis came out of nowhere - it led to a very cool reveal and an intense car ride, but other than that I was not impressed with Liz at all. I'm also not impressed with MJ, but it seems like there is room for some serious personality & growth in the next film. Maybe I'm getting older or maybe the Spiderman story just isn't my favorite anymore, but I couldn't really relate to Peter much. I did really appreciate the ending, and how Peter was able to acknowledge how he wanted to be able to work on himself and protect his hometown by the end of the film. SUPER fitting considering the Avengers have moved out of NYC. My favorite part was when Tony talked about how Steve could have decked Peter if he had wanted to - and when Happy said he was loading up Cap's Shield prototype! My Stony squee was uncontainable. The whole movie was worth it for those few scenes. Also, Hannibal Burress is hilarious and I hope he's in future films more :D


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